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Eastman AC420CE All Solid Acoustic Electric in Case

Solid Spruce Top and Solid Rosewood Back & Sides. Slashed from retail of $1,599 to only $1,150


Mesa Boogie D800 Popular light weight 800 Bass Head

Price reduced to only $1,799 Superb tone and reliability

DBZ Halcyon GX Death Dealer

Just been uncovered. No longer current. Time to go. Slashed from retail of $1,895 to only $999

DBZ is Dean B Zelinsky of Dean Guitars fame so that gives the brand some credibility. 


Peavey Valve King VK100 100 Watt Amplifier Head. 

No longer a current model, just been uncovered.

We have slashed the price from retail of $1,299 to HALF PRICE $650

As a further bonus, if you buy the head, you have the option of buying the matching 4 X 12" Quad Box

the Peavey ValveKing Slant which retailed at $799 also for HALF PRICE at $399

Image result for Peavey VK100 Image result for Peavey Valveking Slant

Peavey Vypyr Tube 120 2 X 12" Combo  

Super impressive amplifier. Amp modelling plus tube power and 2 X 12" 

Slashed to HALF PRICE, from retail of $1,599 to only $799

Image result for Peavey Vypyr Tube 120   Image result for Peavey Vypyr Tube 120

Headrush Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Board

Price slashed from retail of $1,799 to only $1,349. Limited stock

Image result for Headrush pedal board

Soundcraft UI12 Digital Mixer 

Price slashed to only $549 Amazing price for a Digital Mixer suitable for small gigs.

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LTD by ESP XJ12 12 string Electric 2 tone sunburst

We have one of these guitars to move. Slashed from retail of $1,349 to only $899


Tasman TA200-E Dreadnaught Acoustic Electric, One of our best sellers.

We have a limited number of this superb guitar to move at only $745 down from a retail of $999

Image result for Tasman TA200-E Aust

Yamaha GH1B Second Hand 

We have this absolutely immaculate condition Japanese made Grand Piano on special at only $9,695

The replacement model retails at over $20,000

Fender Supersonic 60W Head and Quad Box Second Hand

We have reduced the price of this stack to only $1,799. It is in immaculate condition.

Yamaha H01 Amber Glow. The last one in Australia. Reduced to $6,499 from retail of $12,999

No longer current but still a stunning instrument. 

Roland AT900C. We have slashed the price of this amazing Roland Atellier Organ from $42,499 to only $24,999. Quite simply an amazing instrument. 

If you are looking for something like this, look no further. Come in and have a play

Image result for Roland AT900C

Readi PT02 Pedal Tuner Reduced to only $65.

Great price for a quality tuner pedal.

Image result for Readi PT02