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Brian Moore i2000 Natural Slashed to HALF PRICE. Quality guitar at a great price.

Reduced from retail of $2,799 to only $1,399  



Yamaha A5R is hand made in Japan, Solid Spruce top, Solid Rosewood Back & Sides, amazing pickup, includes a hard case. In our opinion absolutely the best acoustic guitar for $2000. Reduced from a retail of $2,499 to only $1,999



Yamaha Revstar RS502TFMX AGR Ash Grey Yamaha have always made great guitars, just not always fashionable. The Revstars are amazing and different! Only $799 



Imagine a set of 3 bongos. LP has done it. LP202 Triple Bongos. Great to play. 

Reduced from retail of $829 to only $499



Cort G250DX See through Red or Blue. Real quality in a budget priced guitar.

Reduced from retail of $629 to only $469




Tycoon Masters Bongos Diamond finish Made with Aged Siam Oak

Slashed from retail of $399 to only $249. Superb finish and tone.  


Ibanez RGIX7FDLB NLB Northern Lights Burst 7 String Iron Label with DiMarzios

Price crash from Retail of $1,999 to $1,399. Very impressive guitar. 



Korg Krome 61 & 73 Synth Workstations. Limited numbers still in stock. 61 Slashed from retail of $1,999 to $1,149, 73 Slashed from retail of $2,299 to $1,499  



LTD by ESP F400 See through black. No longer current and with a very small mark on it, SLASHED to BELOW HALF PRICE from retail $1,799 to only $849. 

This is trans black but photos don't show it well. 



Cort UKE-BWC All Solid Blackwood Concert Ukulele. A really good quality ukulele from Cort, world's largest builder of guitars. We have slashed the price from Retail of $499 to only $349



Yamaha U1PEQ Japanese Made Piano just traded in. Less than 3 years old.

Sold with 7 years Yamaha Warrantee. Showroom Condition  A Bargain at $7,499 



Cort GA1FABW. This is a stunning guitar. All Aussie Blackwood!! Solid Blackwood Top and Blackwood Back & Sides. Fishman PreSYS EQ. Slashed from retail of $879 to only $629



Ashdown ABM410T II 650 Watt RMS Quad, with tweeter. Found in box in warehouse.

Price slashed from retail of $999 to only $699. A quality box at this price



Ashdown ABM500 EVO III Quality 575 RMS Head. 

Reduced from Retail of $1,299 to only $799


Ibanez SA560MB ABT Aqua Blue Flat. Beautiful Guitar.DiMarzio Black Velvet pickups.

Maple Burl Top. Price slashed from retail of $1,549 to only $1,049  



Yamaha Gigmaker C40 Classical Guitar Pack

Frequently recommended. Reduced from Retail of $249.99 to only $175



Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Heritage Cherry Sunburst

In store now. Honey Burst also. Reduced from retail of $1,399 to $1,049



Yamaha AES1500PSW Pearl Snow White. Japanese made amazing quality. In Case.

Reduced from retail of $4,299 to only $2,999



PRS SE Zach Myers. The most popular of all the SE Series

Back in stock again and reduced from a retail of $1,449 to only $1,099



Yamaha C5XSHPE Silent Grand Piano

Stunning quality 200cm Convervatory series Grand Piano with bonus feature that you can use a set of headphones if you want to. 

A real Grand Piano that allows headphones. We have a SUPERB Deal on this amazing piano.

Reduced from a retail of $71,495 to only $44,995. This price also includes 2 tunings in your home per year for 5 years.


Image result for C5X silent

NS WAV5 Violin Burst 5 String Electronic Violin

Slashed from Retail of $1,299 to only $699. For when 4 strings are not quite enough 



Maschine Studio. We have some of these and they are no longer current. 

Slashed from retail of $1,599 to BELOW COST $999



Maschine MK2 We have some of these and they are no longer current. 

Slashed from retail of $999 to BELOW COST $599



MusicMan Luke III Bodhi Blue. Stunning Steve Lukather Signature Model.

Reduced from retail of $4,695 to only $3,495



Ibanez AZ242F BI Black Ice. 2019 release stunning versatile guitar.

We have slashed this beautiful guitar from a reatil of $2,499 to only $1,799



Ibanez FRIX6FDQM BMG Black Mirage Gradation

Just arrived in store. Stunning Iron Label Series guitar. Reduced from retail of $1,849 to only $1,299



Ibanez SR1820 and SR1825 Premium 4 & 5 string Basses. Nordstrand pickups.

Prices slashed from retails:  SR1820  $2,899  to $2,179   SR1825   $2,999  to  $2,199




MusicMan Bongo 5 Tangerine Pearl This really is a stunning bass.

Looks, sounds plays superb and the price slashed from a retail of $4,595 to only $3,499



Samson TM500 & TM300. Powered Mixers recently uncovered in our warehouse.

TM500 8 mic ch, 2 stereo, 500 watts deskstyle powered mixer with effects

TM300 6 mic ch, 300 watts desk style powered mixer with effects

Both no longer current (by years) but new in boxes. Reduced to HALF RETAIL PRICE

TM500 $1,999 down to $999.    TM300  $1,499  down to $749



Image result for samson tm500 powered mixer Image result for samson tm300 powered mixer

Ibanez BTB745 NTL Natural High Gloss. Stunning Bass. Bartollini Pickups,

Through neck, amazing tone and playability. Slashed from retail of $1,899 to only $1,389



Ibanez AS73 We have specials on this great guitar in either GVG (Green Valley Gradation) or AZG (Azure Blue Gradation). Both released in 2019. Both stunning guitars just arrived in store. Reduced from retail of $1,149 to only $849




Yamaha C5XSHPE Silent Grand Piano


Eastman AC420CE All Solid Acoustic Electric in Case

Solid Spruce Top and Solid Rosewood Back & Sides. Slashed from retail of $1,599 to only $1,150



Mesa Boogie D800 Popular light weight 800 Bass Head

Price reduced to only $1,799 Superb tone and reliability


DBZ Halcyon GX Death Dealer

Just been uncovered. No longer current. Time to go. Slashed from retail of $1,895 to only $999

DBZ is Dean B Zelinsky of Dean Guitars fame so that gives the brand some credibility. 



Peavey Valve King VK100 100 Watt Amplifier Head. 

No longer a current model, just been uncovered.

We have slashed the price from retail of $1,299 to HALF PRICE $650


As a further bonus, if you buy the head, you have the option of buying the matching 4 X 12" Quad Box

the Peavey ValveKing Slant which retailed at $799 also for HALF PRICE at $399

Image result for Peavey VK100 

Peavey Vypyr Tube 120 2 X 12" Combo  

Super impressive amplifier. Amp modelling plus tube power and 2 X 12" 

Slashed to HALF PRICE, from retail of $1,599 to only $799


Image result for Peavey Vypyr Tube 120   Image result for Peavey Vypyr Tube 120

Headrush Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Board

Price slashed from retail of $1,799 to only $1,349. Limited stock


Image result for Headrush pedal board

Soundcraft UI12 Digital Mixer 

Price slashed to only $549 Amazing price for a Digital Mixer suitable for small gigs.


Related image

LTD by ESP XJ12 12 string Electric 2 tone sunburst

We have one of these guitars to move. Slashed from retail of $1,349 to only $899



Fender Supersonic 60W Head and Quad Box Second Hand

We have reduced the price of this stack to only $1,799. It is in immaculate condition.


Yamaha H01 Amber Glow. The last one in Australia. Reduced to $5,999 from retail of $12,999

No longer current but still a stunning instrument. 


Roland AT900C. We have slashed the price of this amazing Roland Atellier Organ from $42,499 to only $24,999. Quite simply an amazing instrument. 

If you are looking for something like this, look no further. Come in and have a play


Image result for Roland AT900C

Readi PT02 Pedal Tuner Reduced to only $65.

Great price for a quality tuner pedal.

Image result for Readi PT02