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  1. Pearl PF665 Second Hand

    Pearl PF665 Second Hand


    Park Pianos has just traded a beautiful Pearl PF665 Flute. It was a surprise present and was never played, so it's in absolutely perfect condtion. They retail at $1,999 and we are selling this one for only $899 which really is a bargain!

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  2. Yamaha YOB241B Oboe NEW MODEL with Low Bb Key

    Yamaha YOB241B Oboe NEW MODEL with Low Bb Key

    Regular Price: AUD3,399.00

    Special Price AUD2,575.00

    Yamaha Oboes have long been regarded as fine instruments, but they never had a student model with a Low B flat key. That has all changed. At a time when everyone else went up in price because of the falling Aussie dollar Yamaha brought out a new model, with the low B flat key the Yamaha YOB241B Oboe and dropped their price!

    We do not currently have this model in stock but it can be ordered and usually takes about a week to arrive in our Perth store

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  3. Jupiter JS567GL Alto Saxophone

    Jupiter JS567GL Alto Saxophone

    Regular Price: AUD1,699.00

    Special Price AUD1,270.00

    Jupiter's best selling Alto Sax, this model was made for beginners being free blowing with good intonation and features which will assist in the learning process

    We sell this model both to private buyers and to schools, when budget is a factor

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  4. Manhasset M4801 Symphony Orchestral Music Stand

    Manhasset M4801 Symphony Orchestral Music Stand

    Regular Price: AUD110.00

    Special Price AUD75.00

    Manhasset Stand Features: Longest lasting, most durable music stand made. Rugged, all-aluminum,lightweight desks are ribbed for extra strength. Its powder coated, glare-free, black textured finish resists scratches and chipping. Easy, automatic no-knob friction-tilt neck delivers constant tension at any tilt position. The Manhasset Symphony M4801 is used by many schools because of their amazing quality and reliability . . . . . .  . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . .

    The Manhasset Symphony M4801 is in stock at Music Park's Perth store

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  5. Walburg Soprano Saxophone

    Walburg Soprano Saxophone

    Regular Price: AUD1,095.00

    Special Price AUD850.00

    We have recently discovered a Walburg Soprano Saxophone in our warehouse. It is a good quality student Soprano Saxophone. We are happy to turn it over at a good price. Feel free to come into the store nad check it out if you are interested. The photo shown here is not the actual instrument. Learn More
  6. Yamaha YRS24B Recorder

    Yamaha YRS24B Recorder

    Regular Price: AUD13.99

    Special Price AUD10.00

    A Perfect Musical Foundation... Possibly the world's most popular model, this recorder is easy to play and has a clear soft tone.It is ideal for school use. Learn More
  7. Yamaha YTR3335 Student Trumpet

    Yamaha YTR3335 Student Trumpet

    Regular Price: AUD1,099.00

    Special Price AUD895.00

    For the first time Yamaha has designed a student trumpet with a reversed main tuning slide allowing for an exceptional feel and response. The YTR-3335 has the addition of a brace on the main tuning slide for a more stable and solid sound. The newly designed two-piece yellow brass bell has the perfect parameter for the needs of a student. It has a light response and the ideal thickness of two-piece yellow brass bell making it easy for students to get started and develop a brilliant tone. New model. Much improved On display in our Perth shop Music Park carries a good range of Yamaha trumpets, flutes, clarinets, saxophones and trombones

    Just sold out. Yamaha out of stock so a delay before more arrive!

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  8. Orchestral Style Music Stand

    Orchestral Style Music Stand

    Regular Price: AUD69.95

    Special Price AUD49.95

    Heavy Duty sheet music stand. Very heavy bass and solid top does not fold down. bass can fold down for transporting or storage Learn More
  9. Heavier Duty Music Stand

    Heavier Duty Music Stand

    Regular Price: AUD49.95

    Special Price AUD34.95

    Sheet music stand with heavier duty base Learn More
  10. Yamaha YFL212 Student Flute

    Yamaha YFL212 Student Flute

    Regular Price: AUD1,099.00

    Special Price AUD799.00

    The new model Yamaha YFL212 is an improvment on the Yamaha YFL211, and still has the Split E key, and also French Pointed Arms for greater stability. As always, the quality and reliability is first class with Yamaha being the recommended brand by most teachers and schools. Check it out at Music Park's Perth store

    Just arrived back in stock.

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  11. Yamaha YFL222 Student Flute

    Yamaha YFL222 Student Flute

    Regular Price: AUD999.00

    Special Price AUD749.00

    The new Yamaha YFL222 student flute replaces the previous model Yamaha YFL221. This model is the same design and quality as the YFL212 except it does not have the Split E key. Music Park and Park Pianos carry a good range of Yamaha flutes in our Perth store

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  12. Yamaha YTR6335J James Morrison Professional Trumpet

    Yamaha YTR6335J James Morrison Professional Trumpet

    Regular Price: AUD1,999.00

    Special Price AUD1,399.00

    In clearing out our warehouse ready to move, we have discovered a Yamaha YTR6335J James Morrison Trumpet in a box. This model is no longer called the James Morrison, but the YTR6335A. It is a great professional quality trumpet and we have heavily reduced the price. Check it out at Music Park

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  13. Yamaha YTR6335A Professional Trumpet

    Yamaha YTR6335A Professional Trumpet

    Regular Price: AUD1,999.00

    Special Price AUD1,450.00

    The Yamaha YTR6335A is on special at Music Park. This was the model designed (and played) by James Morrison for Yamaha, now no longer called the James Morrison, but still a great trumpet.

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  14. B & S Challenger II Bb Trumpet 3137/2-S

    B & S Challenger II Bb Trumpet 3137/2-S

    Regular Price: AUD4,395.00

    Special Price AUD2,995.00

    German made B & S Challenger II Bb Trumpet 3137/2-S Silver Plated Professional series trumpet. Available at Music Park's Perth store.

    We have one only, brand new, unopened in a box, at a very special price.

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  15. Buffet Prodige Student Clarinet

    Buffet Prodige Student Clarinet

    Regular Price: AUD1,299.00

    Special Price AUD849.00

    Buffet is the leading French Clarinet maker. Their new Student model, the Buffet Prodige is made in their German factory. German made quality at an affordable price at Park Pianos Perth store

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