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Bechstein A190

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This is a beautiful grand Piano from one of the World's premium Piano makers.
Built in Germany to the highest specification it will enhance any home, and be a delight to your family for decades
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Bechstein A190
This grand piano has a brilliant, clear tone with a broad range of sound and colors. Its keyboard and action assembly are easily controlled and respond to each variation of touch. A mid sized room will be well equipped with this musical instrument.

The Bechstein 190 / 6'3" is clear in tone with a broad range of sound and colors. Its keyboard and action assembly are easily controlled and respond to each variation of touch. A mid sized room seating 40-50 people will be well equipped with this musical instrument.Our model is in stunning mahogany! Made in Germany.

Masterpieces for Ambitious Pianists

Why do the Bechstein masterpieces made in Germany arouse such international interest/ The Main reason certainly lies in the appeal of the pianos themselves, having experienced a tried revival and wonderful development over the last few decades. A lot of investment has been channelled into updating and honing the Bechstein grands and uprights for nearly twenty years.

The C.Bechstein concert grand pianos have returned to the stage. These works of art have been optimised in terms of sound and action in keeping with both the company’s tradition and the expectations of today’s customer’s to create true works of art.

The Bechstein Academy series was developed using innovative ideas. The Bechstein Expertise Centre for Research, Development and quality played a significant role in this process. An exceptional team of international experts ( designers, wood engineers, material specialists, sound technicians, specialists for voicing, and concert technicians) developed the new series’ concept and production processed in dialogue with piano teachers and professional pianists. The legendary Bechstein piano-making tradition thus meets the demands of the new age to a tee: the intelligent interplay between high technology, optimal materials and effective production processes are gently revolutionising established concepts.

The Bechstein Academy series was initially developed with conservatories of music in mind. Reliable, powerful and sturdy; with such qualities, the Bechstein Academy pianos have won over the most demanding ears and skilful hands of music teachers and students—and quickly conquered the market. Thanks to their exceptional value for money, the Bechstein Academy pianos make a striking range of musical expressions as well as a super precise playing action affordable for a variety of customers.

Bechstein pianos offer a clear alternative to products from the Far East: they are developed and built in Germany based on the European approach to sound and music, as any player and music lover will soon notice.

Manufacturer Bechstein
Length (cm) 190
Weight 1.0000
Country of Manufacture

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