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At Park Pianos and Music Park we believe in offering what our customers want.

When it comes to Violins, most customers looking for small sized violins are looking for something that is decent quality, but are not looking to spend huge dollars. Some stores will try and sell all customers even looking for 1/8 or 1/4 sized instruments, something priced around $700. Our experience is that this is not what most of our customers are looking for.

For that reason our offering for fractional sizes is generally from about $279 to $399. We believe that at this price we can sell you a decent instrument (with a case and bow) that will be sufficient for the average student. This violin will be fine and will last til you need to upgrade to a bigger model.If you are looking for a more expensive violin we can certainly get one in for you. Once people are looking for full sized violins, we belive that often prople are now thinking a bit differently. You will not be growing out of this one, and hopefully you are certain that your student will be continuing to play. For that reason, while we still offer full sized instruyments in the $269 to $399 price range, we do carry a range of better violins priced up to about $1,500 for those people looking to buy a quality instrument, now that the player in the family has reached a full sized violin. If this approach sounds sensiblt to you, then come in to our store, knowing that unlike some local stores we will not be trrying to talk parents of young beginning students into buying super expensive instruments. 

We are situated at 101 Albany Highway Victoria Park, down near the Causeway, past the Motor Bike Shops

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  1. Montanari MV14L 1/4 size Student violin package

    Montanari MV14L 1/4 size Student violin package

    Regular Price: AUD259.00

    Special Price AUD199.00

    Good quality 1/4 size student violin with case and bow Learn More
  2. Hidersine Vivente 1/4 Size Violin Outfit

    Hidersine Vivente 1/4 Size Violin Outfit


    We have discovered some Hidersine Vivente 1/4 Size Violin Outfits when we moved. We are quitting them at a really special price of only $299. Includes the Case and Bow..

    Learn More

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