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P.A. Department

P.A. Department

At Music Park we want to help you choose the right gear for your needs. Too many stores do not take the time to listen to the customer to find out what they really want. We pride ourselves on this at Music park.

Come in and see Rob or Brad. They will find out what you are after, then suggest some products that might suit you, then let you have a listen to them so you can make your own mind up.

Music Park are famous for the great prices we do and also for the amazing after sales service we give.

We carry a huge range of quality products. It's not all listed here, so if you after something you can not find here, call the store on 08 9470 1020 and ask the guys or come into the store at 115 Burswood Road in Burswood WA.  They are also really happy to put together package deals for you at even better discounts

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  1. Yorkville TL3215C Pulse Double 15" 3 Way speakers

    Yorkville TL3215C Pulse Double 15" 3 Way speakers

    Regular Price: AUD1,795.00

    Special Price AUD895.00

    The Yorkville TL3215C Pulse Double 15" 3 Way speakers are superb quality Canadian made high power full range speaker cabs made from 5/8" Russian Birch Ply for maximum strength and longevity. Check them out at Music Park's Perth store

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  2. Yorkville Pulse TM312 Passive Speaker Cabinet

    Yorkville Pulse TM312 Passive Speaker Cabinet

    Regular Price: AUD1,799.00

    Special Price AUD899.00

    The Yorkville Pulse TM312 is a top quality Canadian made PASSIVE Sound Reinforcement speaker. 15" 3 way design and superb quality sound. If you are looking for a really good quality box, this may suit you. We have discovered these in our warehouse and priced them to SELL.

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  3. Yorkville C2890 White Coliseum Series Passive Speaker

    Yorkville C2890 White Coliseum Series Passive Speaker

    Regular Price: AUD1,069.00

    Special Price AUD699.00

    The C2890 is the lowest profile cabinet in the Coliseum line. This 2 x 8-inch, 200- watt loudspeaker is designed as the ultimate box for installations where sight lines might be an issue. The C2890 can be flown vertically or horizontally. The rotatable 90 x 30 horn means that high frequency dispersion can be tailored to suit the cabinets placement. The unique cabinet shape makes for tighter arrays and the ability to fly the cabinet much closer to walls and ceilings than conventional design loudspeaker boxes White installation speakers. Learn More
  4. Yorkville YX18s Passive Subwoofer

    Yorkville YX18s Passive Subwoofer

    Regular Price: AUD1,075.00

    Special Price AUD829.00

    The passive YX18S uses the tried and true vented 18-inch front loaded bass reflex subwoofer design. The internal passive crossover allows the 400-watt YX18S to be added to any system without additional external processing. Quality box. made in Canada. Learn More
  5. Yorkville AP4020 Power Amplifier

    Yorkville AP4020 Power Amplifier

    Regular Price: AUD2,669.00

    Special Price AUD1,869.00

    The powerful AP4020 weigh a comfortable but solid 18.1 kg and occupy only two rack spaces. It delivers 1200 Watts per channel @ 2 Ohms It also incorporates a 'soft turn-on' circuit which eliminates nuisance breaker-tripping on power-up. This is s superb quality power amplifer. Made in Canada Learn More
  6. Yorkville Excursion 2000 Sub / Sat System

    Yorkville Excursion 2000 Sub / Sat System

    Regular Price: AUD5,995.00

    Special Price AUD4,495.00

    Ideal PA system solution for audiences of up to 400 people. Complete PA system that truly is "Plug and Play," all amplification is built-in. Voiced for recorded music playback as well as live sound reinforcement applications. Amazing quality system. Made in Canada. Sensational Sound! Plug in any sized mixer for the number of channels you require Learn More
  7. Yorkville NX550P Powered Speaker

    Yorkville NX550P Powered Speaker

    Regular Price: AUD2,795.00

    Special Price AUD1,699.00

    The NX550P active speaker enclosure uses a combination of amplifier technologies to create the best combination of lightweight enclosure and high quality sound. Capitalizing on the already popular NX350's molded cabinet technology, totally new switching power supply amplification and neodymium drivers, the 550 watt bi-amped NX550P weighs in at only 47 lbs (21.4kg) ... the lightest in its class by a long shot. Beautiful really loud box! Learn More
  8. Yorkville LS200P Powered Subwoofer

    Yorkville LS200P Powered Subwoofer

    Regular Price: AUD1,495.00

    Special Price AUD749.00

    If you have a small system and need it to sound a bit warmer, then the LS200P might be just the box for you. A quality product, made by Yorkville in Canada, it is only 200 watts RMS, but will make your system sound warm and punchy at the same time. It is a compact box with a 10" driver. Learn More
  9. Yorkville NX720S Powered Subwoofer

    Yorkville NX720S Powered Subwoofer

    Regular Price: AUD2,695.00

    Special Price AUD1,595.00

    The Yorkville NX720S Powered Subwoofer is a superb quality high powered subwoofer. Made in Canada and extremely reliable. Check it out at Music Park's Perth store

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