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Hi Tech Department

Hi Tech Department

Music Park has a department specialising in Synthesizers, Controller Keyboards, Software and Recording including Monitors.

Brad  is the new staff member in this area of Music Park. The High Tech Dept now has a fresh new look and it reflects his enthusiasm.

If you are after anything within this department, feel free to call Brad on 08 9470 1020 or come into the store at 101 Albany Highway Victoria Park WA.

We stock a lot of items that are not listed on this site, so if you do not see what you are after here, give Brad a call and he may be able to help you.

Music Park in Perth Western Australia is the place to go for all your musical requirements

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  1. Korg Kronos 2 73 note Workstation

    Korg Kronos 2 73 note Workstation


    When ambition, imagination, and technology converge—the results are spectacular. Witness KRONOS. Created by KORG to satisfy today’s most demanding, accomplished performers and producers—as well as tomorrow’s visionary leaders—KRONOS embodies over 50 years of artistic vision and production expertise. With nine distinct synthesis engines and a complete suite of performance and productions tools, KRONOS is simply the most versatile synthesizer ever made. KRONOS restores the magic, the thrill, and the promise that only a visionary new instrument can provide. And KRONOS delivers on that promise. Every resources and technology of service to the modern musician has been refined, perfected, and integrated into a single instrument, and is available on demand. Multiple state-of-the-art sound generation techniques represent the pinnacle of software realization. Onboard effects open the door to processing any internal or external audio source with dazzling results. Multitrack audio and MIDI recording deliver efficient studio operations in a mobile platform. Hands-on hardware includes an assignable control surface, dual joysticks, ribbon controller, top-of-the line keyboard action, and KORG’s revolutionary tap-and-drag color TouchView™ display. Best of all, KRONOS integrates all of these music-making resources into a single instrument in ways that no software setup or hardware platform can rival.

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  2. Korg SV1 73BK Stage Piano

    Korg SV1 73BK Stage Piano

    Regular Price: AUD2,599.00

    Special Price AUD1,999.00


    Korg SV-1 73 BLACK The SV-1 has been captivating audiences since 2009. Now, the acclaimed Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano has been given an elegant matte black stage finish: the Korg SV-1 73 Black.

    Come see this and more Korg Products at Music Park across the causeway from Perth . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  3. Korg Krome 73 note workstation

    Korg Krome 73 note workstation

    Regular Price: AUD2,299.00

    Special Price AUD1,499.00

    Offering full-length, unlooped samples of every key for a spectacular piano sound, this new keyboard redefines your expectations for an instrument in this class. Taking its name from the Greek word meaning "color," Krome is the new standard for sonic excellence in a gigging musician’s keyboard, providing a limitless palette of sound to bring vivid inspiration your music. Introducing the Krome Music Workstation. 61 and 88 note versions available as well. Come see this and more Korg Products at Park Pianos across the causeway from Perth

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  4. Korg Kronos X 73 note workstation

    Korg Kronos X 73 note workstation

    Regular Price: AUD4,999.00

    Special Price AUD4,699.00

    Out of Stock - Contact us for availability.

    The Kronos music workstation was unveiled in 2011 to widespread critical acclaim, winning one award after another. Impressed players, composers and sound designers alike kept asking, "How can they possibly improve on this?!" In the year since its inception, we've done just that. With newly released system updates and an inspiring and growing array of Kronos Sound Libraries, we've brought Kronos to an even higher level of performance. The Kronos continues its evolution with the new Kronos X Music Workstation. With a boost to the internal memory and SSD size, the Kronos X is the ultimate workstation. Fittingly, its new name adds an "X" to indicate its expanded and truly limitless potential. 61 and 88 note versions also available Come see this and more Korg Products at Park Pianos across the causeway from Perth . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  5. Yamaha CP73 Digital 73 note Stage Piano

    Yamaha CP73 Digital 73 note Stage Piano

    Regular Price: AUD3,199.00

    Special Price AUD2,699.00

    The Yamaha CP73 Digital 73 note Stage Piano is HERE!!. It is amazing! Check it out at Music Park's Perth shop. Clearly the CP88 is going to be the choice for most people, with full 88 notes and a superior action, but somepeople just don't want to carry around a keyboard that big, so the CP73, with the same sounds, but MUCH smaller and LIGHTER, will suit them. If that is you.....check it out at Music Park

    Stock on the way from Melbourne NOW

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