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Guitar Department

Which store in Perth has the friendliest most knowledgeable and helpful staff? Music Park is the place. Lee, Kael, Rocket, Mike and Daniel are known for their super friendly helpful advice. They are also known for their amazing knowledge about everything to do with guitars, basses and amps. Between them they have specialist knowledge and experience with just about every type of guitar you may be interested in.

We are at 101 Albany Highway, Victoria Park. Right down near the Causeway, past the Motor Bike Shops.

To back up that knowledge, Music Park stocks a huge range of instruments from many makers, from entry level through to real premium product. We are also known as the store that’s a bit different. We don’t just stock the same guitars everyone else does. If you have tried elsewhere, and not found what you are after, give Music Park a try and you may just see what you are after.

Music Park does not buy second hand guitars, but we are happy to do a trade in if you are looking to upgrade to a better model.

Our range includes over 400 acoustic, electric and bass guitars on display, plus a huge number in our warehouse as well. If you can’t find something to suit you at Music Park it would be a surprise.

Acoustic Guitars This is where we really shine, with a huge range including many of the world’s leading brands including Martin, Taylor, Morgan, Breedlove, Cole Clark, Yamaha, Ibanez, Tanglewood, Cort, Essex, Lag, Martinez, Recording King, Ovation, Seagull, Timberidge, Washburn, Ashton, Oakridge, Greg Bennett, Crafter, Alvarez, Faith and Luna. We have entry level guitars from under $100. Good quality guitars from under $200 and if you want to sit and try guitars worth over $5,000 we have many in that price range to choose from as well.

We have Perth’s best range of acoustic guitar amplifiers, from AER, Schertler, Fishman, Timberidge and Ibanez so you can find something to suit your needs.

Electric Guitars We have been known as the Perth home of PRS guitars for years. That’s why Ed Sheeran chose Music Park when he wanted to buy a Paul Reed Smith. We also have an extensive range of Musicman, Ibanez, Suhr, ESP, LTD, Yamaha, Sterling, SE by PRS, Godin, Tom Anderson, DBZ, Brian Moore, Cort, Washburn, Tokai, Vintage, Ashton and Peavey. Whatever you are after, we will have something for you.

Electric Guitar Amplifiers. Music Park is known for having the best and most different range of amps in Perth. For a start we are Perth’s original and biggest Mesa Boogie dealer, and Lee is the absolute expert in these amazing amps. Tell him what guitar you have and what sound you want, and he will find the sound that’s in your head. Other people can sell Boogie, but Music Park believe in it and will make a believer out of you as well. We also have Marshall, Line6, Vox, Suhr, Peavey, Blackstar, PRS, Hughes & Kettner, Egnater, Laney, Randall, Traynor, Bad Cat, Bogner, HiWatt and the just released Musicman. Again, not just what you see everywhere else. A huge range, and something that will suit you whatever style you play. From practice amps to pro touring rigs, we have it all.

Bass Guitars Music Park has a great range of basses including Musicman, Sterling, Yamaha, Ibanez, Spector, PRS, SE by PRS, Peavey, ESP, LTD, and Rockbass by Warwick. From student basses to pro models, Music Park has it all.

Bass Amplifiers Once again, a massive range from practice amps to touring rigs including Ampeg, Mesa Boogie, Mark Bass, Ashdown, Hartke, David Eden, Warwick, Peavey, Line6, Ibanez and TC Electronics.

When choosing an instrument or an amplifier, friendly, non pressured, expert advice is what it’s all about. That’s why Music Park is so often recommended to friends by our customers. They know our staff will give great advice, and not be overbearing or pressuring. Our customers are happy with our service and send their mates to Music Park knowing they will be well looked after. For that to happen, we need 3 things. A great range, great staff and great prices. Music Park has them all.

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  1. Mark Bass Traveller 102P-4

    Mark Bass Traveller 102P-4

    Regular Price: AUD1,350.00

    Special Price AUD1,079.00

    The Traveler 102P is one of the smallest and lightest 2x10" cabinets on the market. It can be used in either a vertical or horizontal position. Perfect for club gigs, this cab especially shines when added to a Traveler 151P for a punchy, full-range sound. This cabinet is available in both 4 ohm (T102P-4) and 8 ohm (T102P-8) versions. Music Park has Perth's premier range of Mark Bass Learn More
  2. Ampeg PF210HE 2X10" PortaFlex Bass Speaker

    Ampeg PF210HE 2X10" PortaFlex Bass Speaker

    Regular Price: AUD999.00

    Special Price AUD799.00

    Drawing from the classic design of Ampeg’s legendary Portaflex cabinets, the PF-210HE combines vintage styling with the performance of a modern 450W cab. The dual Eminence® 10˝ drivers push out true Ampeg tone. Since it’s a Portaflex, you can attach any PF Series head to the top, flip it inside and hit the road Ampeg style. the head actually stores inside the cab for easy and safe transport Music Park has a great range of Ampeg amps and cabs in our Perth store Learn More
  3. Peavey Tour210

    Peavey Tour210

    Regular Price: AUD999.00

    Special Price AUD599.00

    Out of Stock - Contact us for availability.

    Peavey's Tour 210 Bass Cabinet employs weight saving neodymium speaker magnets instead of heavy ferrite magnets, and ultra-lightweight plywood construction to reduce weight even more. It's lighter but has all the uncompromising power, punch, and tone you expect from Peavey. Learn More
  4. Ampeg SVT210AV

    Ampeg SVT210AV

    Regular Price: AUD799.00

    Special Price AUD699.00

    Out of Stock - Contact us for availability.

    The Ampeg SVT210AV is the portable alternative to a full sized SVT cab. Ideal for bleed-sensitive recording situations where the SVT810-AV can be too loud and live situations where it can be too large, the SVT210AV is designed using Ampeg's legendary Infinite Baffle ™ system for maximum speaker efficiency and true Ampeg tone. This is the matching cab to suit the Micro VR Music Park has a great range of Ampeg amps and cabs in our Perth store Learn More
  5. Eden EX210 2 X 10" Bass Speaker Cab

    Eden EX210 2 X 10" Bass Speaker Cab

    Regular Price: AUD849.00

    Special Price AUD599.00

    The Eden EX210 is a compact great sounding 300 Watt 2 X 10" 4 ohm cabinet. Check it out at Music Park's Perth store

    Learn More
  6. Eden D210XLT4 350W Bass cabinet with Tweeter 4 ohm

    Eden D210XLT4 350W Bass cabinet with Tweeter 4 ohm

    Regular Price: AUD1,599.00

    Special Price AUD999.00

    The Eden D210XLT4 350W Bass cabinet with Tweeter 4 ohm is a quality USA made bass cab. It sounds amazing. If you are after a top class compact bass cab this may be what you are after. Check it out at Music Park's Perth store

    Learn More
  7. Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 2X10 Standard Bass cab

    Mesa Boogie Powerhouse 2X10 Standard Bass cab

    Regular Price: AUD1,899.00

    Special Price AUD1,499.00

    If you are after the best sounding and best quality bass cabinets on the market, check out Mesa Boogie's Powerhouse range.

    They are all custom hand-built in USA by Mesa Master-Craftsmen using premium grade materials. The sound is simply superb. This Mesa Boogie Standard Powerhosue 2X10" is amazing.

    Check it out at Music Park in our Perth store

    Learn More

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