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Yamaha DTX M12 Digital Percussion

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MULTI-Level, MULTI-Play, and MULTI-Purpose! The most powerful, all-in-one percussion pad that suits anyone from a beginner to an expert, accommodating different levels of playing, a wide variety of playing styles and performance situations.

Music Park's Drum Dept has a great range of electronic drum kits including the Yamaha DTXMulti 12 in our Perth store

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Yamaha DTX M12 Digital Percussion
DTX-MULTI 12 equips the 12 pads which are easy to be distinguished even at the dark stage. You can use the DTX-MULTI 12 in a variety of ways, such as using the percussion pad in combination with acoustic drums and percussion to accent music with a rich variety of voices, transferring data to the connected computer where you can compose music with the included "Cubase AI 5" program, and connecting a kick pedal (sold separately) to create as a compact drum set.

Music Park in Perth Western Australia stock a great range of Electronic drum kits including the Yamaha DTXMulti 12 DTX-Multi 12 DTXM12 DTX M12

The Drum Pad That Plays Like a Portable Kit
Ultra-portable and convenient for drummers on the go, the Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 electronic drum and percussion pad is a cinch to incorporate into an acoustic drum setup or to use alongside your laptop. No matter where you play the DTX-Multi 12, youll find it to be extremely accommodating when it comes to performing, practicing, and programming beats and rhythms. Over 1,000 sounds, effects, and voices, including top-notch derivatives from Yamaha's Motif soundset, are at your disposal -- as are 12 large pads for triggering them. So that you can play right out of the box, the multi-percussion pad even comes loaded with over 100 different MIDI playing patterns, as well as Steinberg's Cubase AI 5 software.

Fully Voiced: 1,277 Sounds on Board -- Plus Room for Your Samples
The DTX-Multi 12 is your compact arsenal of drum and percussion sounds. Take inventory and you'll find a total stock of 1,277 voices, which includes Motif synth sounds, percussion sounds created with Yamaha's advanced sampling techniques, professional reverb and chorus effects, DJ sounds, and other sounds voiced from percussion, chromatic percussion, folk, and acoustic drum instruments. If that's not enough for you, import your own WAV and AIFF audio files from a USB memory device and use them as voices, too.

Thanks to its 64 MB of battery-backed Flash ROM, the Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 can also serve as a sample playback device -- so load it up with samples in every genre, and play away.

Perform with Preset Patterns
Lay the foundation for a song with the drum pad's 128 MIDI playing patterns covering a wide range of musical genres, from folk to rock to house. Strike any of the 12 pads to start and stop the patterns or to record your own performances as patterns. If you prefer to work on your computer, it's easy to create your patterns there and then assign them to the pads on the DTX-Multi 12. Likewise, striking the pads also enables you to use Tap Tempo to set the swagger of your patterns or to create a click track. The pads are your key to controlling your beats.

Keep That Creative Mindset -- On Any Set
How you work with the DTX-Multi 12 is up to you. Striking the drum pad could mean hitting it with sticks, pummeling it with your hands, swiping with fingers, pressing down hard to enable the Mute feature, and more. Extremely versatile, this drum and percussion instrument accommodates a number of playing techniques. When you play in Stack mode, all the notes assigned to a pad are triggered simultaneously with a single strike, whereas in Alternate mode, all the notes assigned to the pad are played individually each time you strike the pad.

Multi-Functional Multi-Interface Design
Play the drum pad standalone, with your digital instruments, or with a computer. The DTX-Multi 12 boasts a MIDI In/Out port, a USB to Host port (USB cable not included) for direct connection to a PC, and a USB to Device port for saving user kit data. These connectivity options allow you to input MIDI data directly to your favorite DAW, perform with soft synths on the DTX-Multi 12, and more. Since it comes with Cubase AI 5 DAW software, you dont even have to own your own production software to get started.

If you want to bling out your drum pad with even more ways to play, Yamaha has plenty of optional add-ons to consider, like a hi-hat controller and kick pad for turning it into a bite-sized drum kit, a foot switch for switching between different drum kits and phrase patterns, a foot controller for real-time stepping of volume and FX parameters, and a drum trigger for turning acoustic drums into digital drums you can trigger and play back on the DTX-Multi 12.

- Electronic percussion/drum pad
- 12 responsive pads to hit, swipe, tap, roll on, and more
- 1,277 voices, including drums, percussion, keyboards, drum kits, and 200 user-defined voices
- 42 built-in effects, including chorus, reverb, and 5-band master equalizer
- Maximum of 64-note polyphony
- 5 trigger inputs (3-zone x 1; monaural x 4)
- Kick and hi-hat pedal inputs
- Onboard sequencer supports 152,000 notes and has 128 preset phrases for playing on the fly
- Click track with tap tempo for precise practicing
- USB connection for convenient MIDI recording
- Can play back WAV and AIFF files from a USB flash drive
- Bright backlit LCD for easy viewing in any playing environment
- Includes power adapter and Steinberg Cubase AI5 recording software

- Dimensions: Width: 345mm
- Height: 96mm
- Depth: 319mm
- Weight: Weight: 3.3kg

Pad section
- Built-in pads: 12
- External inputs: 5 (three-zone x 1; monaural x 4)

Tone generator
- Maximum polyphony: 64 notes
- Wave memory: 100 MB (16-bit linear conversion)
- Voices: Drum and percussion: 1,061
- Keyboard: 216
- Drum kits: Preset: 50
- User-defined: 200
- Effects: Variation x 42 types; Chorus x 6 types; Reverb x 6 types: 5-band master equalizer

Trigger section
- Pad functions: Increment or decrement of drum kit, pattern, or tempo; tap tempo; switching on or off of click-track; transmission of control change messages

- Readable quantity: 500
- Bit depth: 16 bit
- Wave memory: 64 MB
- Maximum size: Mono sample: 2 MB
- Stereo sample: 4 MB
- Sample formats: Proprietary, WAV, and AIFF

- Sequence capacity: 152,000 notes
- Note resolution: Quarter note / 480
- Recording method: Real-time overdubbing
- Patterns: Preset patterns: 128 phrases (including 3 demo patterns)
- User-defined patterns: 50 phrases
- Sequence formats: Proprietary
- SMF Format 0 (for loading only)

- Tempo: 30 to 300 BPM. Tap tempo functionality
- Beats: 1/4 - 16/4, 1/8 - 16/8, 1/16 - 16/16
- Note timing: Accent notes, quarter notes, eight notes, sixteenth notes, triplets

- Display: Backlit LCD with 2 rows of 16 characters
- Connectors: PAD (13) jack (standard stereo-phone plug; left = trigger, right = rim switch)
PAD (14)/(15) and PAD (16)/(17) jacks (standard stereo-phone plug; left = trigger, right = trigger)
HI-HAT CONTROL jack (standard stereo-phone plug)
FOOT SW jack (standard stereo-phone plug)
OUTPUT L/MONO and R jacks (standard phone plugs)
PHONES jack (standard stereo-phone plug), AUX IN jack (standard stereo-phone plug),
MIDI IN and OUT connectors, USB TO HOST port, USB TO DEVICE port, and DC IN.

Power Consumption: 9W (DTXM12
Manufacturer Yamaha
Material Feel Rubber
Number of Kit Sounds 1277
Audio In Yes
Kit Level Professional
Country of Manufacture Indonesia

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