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Drum Department



Music Park's Drum Dept is in fact a large specialist drum store in it's own right.

Situated up stairs on the top floor of the Music Park building it is separated from the rest of the store and is a drummer's paradise!

We carry an enormous range of Acoustic and Electronic Drum Kits from beginner level to Professional kits, all priced to sell!

Cymbals are important and we stock hundreds, from all the major makers.

Percussion is also a strong area, with again a large range.

Accessories and sticks and mallets are here in abundace too.

Richo, Wolf and Keyan are ready to help you with honest friendly advice and great prices.

Come in to Music Park's Drum Dept or call us on 08 9470 1020 or come into the store at 115 Burswood Road in Burswood WA.

 Music Park in Perth Western Australia is the place to go for all your musical requirements




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  1. Paiste 10" PST 3 Splash

    Paiste 10" PST 3 Splash


    Medium bright, clean, fast. Medium range, fairly complex mix. Even, balanced feel. Explosive, fast fading splash with a somewhat trashy character. Well suited for fast accents. Learn More
  2. Paiste 10" Alpha Thin Splash

    Paiste 10" Alpha Thin Splash

    Regular Price: AUD140.00

    Special Price AUD110.00

    Bright, silvery, short, full. Medium range, fairly clean mix. Learn More
  3. Zildjian 10" ZHT China Splash

    Zildjian 10" ZHT China Splash

    Regular Price: AUD129.00

    Special Price AUD69.00

    Exclusive to the ZHT Series Learn More
  4. Zildjian 10" Armand Splash

    Zildjian 10" Armand Splash

    Regular Price: AUD290.00

    Special Price AUD229.00

    Perfect for bright and clear splash accents and an excellent addition to any setup. Learn More
  5. Zildjian 10" A Series Splash
  6. Paiste 10" Twenty Splash

    Paiste 10" Twenty Splash

    Regular Price: AUD300.00

    Special Price AUD199.00

    For those who desire a very good quality splash cymbal at an affordable price this one is for you.This cymbal sounds and looks as good as new Learn More
  7. Ozman Cymbals 10" Brilliant Splash

    Ozman Cymbals 10" Brilliant Splash

    Regular Price: AUD69.50

    Special Price AUD59.00

    polished finish cast cymbals produce a warm and broad tone Learn More
  8. Zildjian 10" ZHT Splash

    Zildjian 10" ZHT Splash


    Pleasingly quick Splash sounds to compliment any cymbal set-up. Learn More
  9. Sabian 10" AAX Air Splash

    Sabian 10" AAX Air Splash

    Regular Price: AUD269.00

    Special Price AUD199.00

    A punchy, cutting splash that really opens up and breathes. A raw bell design with AAX hammering and lathing results in a biting splash with plenty of substance and depth. Music Park in Perth Western Australia has a huge range of Sabian Cymbals in stock in their Victoria Park Store. Learn More
  10. Paiste 10" 900 series Splash Cymbal

    Paiste 10" 900 series Splash Cymbal

    Regular Price: AUD139.99

    Special Price AUD99.00

    Paiste 10" 900 series Splash Cymbal is a great new cymbal from Paiste. Check it out at Music Park's Perth store Learn More

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