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  1. AKAI Timbre Wolf

    AKAI Timbre Wolf


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    A FRESH APPROACH TO ANALOG The Timbre Wolf is a polyphonic 4-voice analog synth with a novel approach to how the voices interact. Featuring a single VCA – either square or saw – each voice is run through a 4-pole low-pass filter with resonance. The filter for each voice is modulated by an envelope, which can be shaped by dedicated decay and envelope amount knobs. The aforementioned classic parameters can be tweaked to quickly dial up fat, great-sounding analog but there’s much more under the hood once you get beyond the basics. Individual voices can be tuned slightly or radically different from each other and played independently, performed polyphonically in a “round robin” style or in unison, where all four play at once. With individual outs for each voice, the potential for all sorts of creative routing and mixing is unleashed. Learn More
  2. AKAI Tom Cat

    AKAI Tom Cat


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    PREY FOR MERCY Tom Cat is an exciting true analog drum machine with five built-in percussion voices, including kick, snare, and clap sounds with chromatically tunable Disco Toms. Learn More

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