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Ettrick Audio Visual
63a Russell St,Morley, 6062
(08) 9225 5052
Internet www.eav.com.au

Trans Electronic Services
Shop14-15 910 Albany Hwy, East Victoria Park, 6101
(08) 9470 1558
FREECALL 1800 627 846
FAX (08) 9470 5198

Guitar Amps, Keyboards, Organs

Bushtronix Audio
2 Byblis Pl, Greenmount, 6056
(08) 9255 3030
Mobile Service 0407 260 803

Keyboards, Organs

Electronic Music Services
14 Templetonia Crs, City Beach, 6015
(08) 9385 7753

Midi, Midifiles

MIDI & BACKING TRACKS.......... So you have a keyboard, a computer, and you want to know about MIDI and how it works, or where you can get midifiles from, or what software you can use when creating your own music - in fact ANYTHING about MIDI and it's applications. This is the place to go..........