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Barry Drysdale - Started business in the Park Centre before purchasing Park Pianos in 1987. Worked on the road in his youth as a solo organ player, as well as playing Piano in his church. Apart from his extensive keyboard knowledge, Barry is also well versed in the world of sound re-inforcement, and gets deeply involved in the PA Dept. Barry has also Taught Piano in earlier times

Walter Sinton - One of Perth's better known Jazz piano players, Walter started his playing career in his native Scotland before moving to Australia, and getting involved in Jazz. He can play almost any style of piano and organ. He started his retail music career in Perth with Lynton Luff in 1975. He has also taught Piano and Organ.

Tomislav Ngyuen - We don't know what Tom does here. He just turned up one day and we were too scared to ask him to leave.

John Pound
- Has been in the music industry for 30 years, starting with Walter at Lynton Luff. John has played keyboards with a number of bands. He is also a renowned Organist who regularly performs concerts, covering all styles. In the days when Yamaha ran it's enormously successful Electone Festivals, John was one half of Organ Duo "Music Two". He has also worked as a sound engineer and is our go-to guy for all things sheet music and musical academinc requirements.

Lee Jammal
- A brilliant guitarist with Riff Raff, Lee is a Mesa Boogie nut. As with most of the staff members, Lee is deeply passionate about his instrument. If you want to know anything about Boutique manufacturers, Lee is the man

Sandy Jones - Sandy is our Bass specialist. He spent many years playing with his church group, and as a youth worker within his congregation. Currently plays bass with Billitrip.

Jeff "Tully" Bullen - Tully has played in all manner of bands over the years, playing a vast array of styles and genres. His current role at Music Park is the company's guitar technician, setting up all the guitars and stringed instruments that flow thru the store.

Karina Cass - An outstanding guitarist, currently with Blaze, formerly with Vamp, Karina is also an authority on Mesa Boogie and PRS guitars. Tom Anderson guitars and all facets of classical guitars.

Chris Richardson - Responsible for the Drum Dept, Richo has been playing for about 25 years, and has been seen playing with Mad Agent, Perfect Day and Billitrip.

Josh Rampling - Josh started his career as an 18 yo, and is currently playing with Capetown Lullaby. As a working muso, he has an understanding of what is required to make the gig work without a major hassle upsetting the night.

Steve Richardson - Yep, we've got three of them working here - Richardsons that is - Steve has been on the circuit for about 15 years, and has played with Tourist, Smokin' Section and Billitrip. Steve can tell you anything you want to know about Yamaha Drums and Zidjian Cymbals - and of course he can help you with the entire range of percussion gear stocked by the store.
Matt Bairstow - Matt is the newest member to the Music Park team. He is sequestered in the PA department and
he is available for all your PA & lighting requirements. Matt plays drums in several bands including his original band Injured Ninja. He likes eating friend rice and growing facial hair.

Derek Rucki - Is our Hi Tech guru, who has an inate understanding of how computers work and interact with other inanimate objects. Derek is a Mac nut, and also has a deep affection for Korg products. He has a reluctant, but knowledgble understanding of the world of PC's. If you have a Hi Tech problem, Derek is your man. He has worked in the retail Music Industry for over 20 years, and is a talented keyboard player, who still gigs on a regular basis.

Patrick Carre - Has been with the company since 1988, and started his career as an apprentice Piano Tuner. He then graduated onto the sales floor working in the Hi Tech area, where his knowledge of recording, sequencing and software in general is unsurpassed. Most of Patricks playing has been within the church arena, and he has toured overseas with his church music team.

Don Morison - Don is the owner of Loop Studios, and his knowledge of the recording industry is complete. He is our Pro Tools expert, and looks after the professional recording clientelle of our company. So if you are into recording - Don is your man.

Mike Richardson - Mike completes a trifecta of Richardson brothers and his warehouse management skills are essential to the functioning of such a big business. The third Richardson brother infiltrating the company, Mike is an excellent bassist working 2-3 times a week in Tourist and Smokin' Section. Mike's skills as a guitarist make him an all round guy to go to when you need experienced advice.