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, Paiste, Zildjian, Billy Hyde, Ufip, LP, Meinl, Remo, Evans, Aquarian, Gibraltar, Toca.
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MAPEX 32 note Xylaphone
Was $349.

NOW $249!!!!!!

LP Matador M201 Bongo Drums

7 1/4" & 8 5/8" sizes with rawhide heads. Kiln dried, Siam Oak shells. Traditional rims with fitted cast aluminium bottoms for extra strength under high tensions. Perfect for the working musician.


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LP Fiberglass 200XF Bongo Drums

7 1/4" & 8 5/8" sizes with tradirional rawhide heads. These are almost indestructable! Steel reinforced bearing edges molded into fiberglass to provide maximum strength. Fitted with traditional rims these bongos really cut through and are great for all situations.

$589 (1 Left as pictured)

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LP Limited Edition Aspire Bongos

6 3/4" & 8" sizes with natural rawhide heads. Cuban style bottoms and made of Siam Oak. EZ Curve rims finished with all gold hardware and fittings.

Also available are the normal Aspire bongos. Black powdercoated hardware in Red of Natural

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Meinl Free Ride Bongo Drums

7" & 8½" Wood Bongo with True-Skin hide heads, 3mm SSR-rims for extra playing comfort. Chrome hardware intergrated with the Free Ride mounting system for subility and strength.

$379 NOW $322 (Last pair left)

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Toca Player's Series Bongo Drums T2600

7" and 8 1/2" wood bongo drums with tucked bison heads . Comes with Toca's EasyPlay hoops on both drums. Has four tension bolts per drum for easy, accurate tuning.




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Toca Sheila E. Player's Series Bongos

The Sheila E. Player's Percussion for Little Hands is a special series of instruments designed especially for kids. Created for children of all sizes and ages, these instruments are made with natural materials and are built to last. They are perfect for creating sounds and rhythm and learning the wonders of making music.

7" and 8 1/2" Fibregall bongo drums. Great sound and available in two colours!

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Toca Custom Deluxe Bongo Drums T4600

7" and 8 1/2" Asian Oak shells. With the Afro-Cuban design and special Oak hardwood, these bongos deliver more volume with less effort. Dimensions: 6 1/2" in height and 10 3/4 lbs.


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Pearl Elite Bongo Drums

7" and 9" Thai Oak shells create a warm, smooth tone. Pearl's Contour Crown rims provide painless playability. These bongos have an oversized Hembra which gives maximum bass response.


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Meinl Flotune Congas

11" & 12" sizes. The patented Floatune® Tuning System makes this conga a truely innovative instrument. All mounting hardware is completely isolated from the shell and is secured without any drilling. Powerful lows and brilliant highs can be immediately heard in the sound.

$1399 NOW $1189 (Last pair left - sound great)

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LP Classic Model Congas

11 3/4" Conga, 11" Quinto. At 30" tall these Siam Oak shell drums have a unique oval shape, enhancing its mids and highs. Comfort Curve II rims makes playing easier on the hands (we could all use that). Classics offer LP Heart Shaped Plates with a fiberglass inner upper for added strength.

11" Quinto $1199
11 3/4" Conga $1249

1 pair left and now at $1715

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Meinl Fibercraft® Congas

11" Quinto, 12" Conga fiberglass shell construction. Finished in Universe Black Sparkle. The shells of the Meinl Fibercraft® Congas are sequentially laminated by hand from premium fiberglass. Meinl Fibercraft Congas produce a brilliant tone with sharp slaps and fat open tones. In high volume environments the fiberglass congas cut through due to their extended range.

11" Quinto $669
12" Conga $719

1 pair left and now at $1388

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LP Matador Congas

11" Quinto, 11 3/4" Conga. 30" tall and crafted in Siam Oak. Matador Soft Strike rims increase playing comfort. 5/16" tuning lugs which mount onto Matador 'horned' shaped side plates. Natural rawhide heads with free tuning wrench

11" Quinto $789
11 3/4" Conga $829

1 pair left and now at $1160

Matching bongos at top of page.

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Toca Elite Series Fiberglass Congas

10" / 11" sized congas that offer a high volume, bright tone. These congas have a 3-year warranty and have top quality Bison heads. Both fitted with Easyplay Hoops and come with Toca Conga Baskets.

$738rrp for the pair!
(1 of each colour only available)

For a limited time only!
Buy the congas and get a free set of Elite Fiberglass Bongos ($279rrp)

Toca Limited Edition Congas LE

Totally awesome is the only way to describe the sound and look of these drums. The 11" Quinto and 11 3/4" Conga pictured both have

Pearl Primero Congas

The congas are 10” & 11” diameters, and 28” tall. The congas are available in sets or separately they come complete with heavy-grade Polished Steel single conga stands.


LP Djembe 720X

12 1/2" x 25" Siam Oak shell finished in Natural Wood. Comfort Curve II Rims which have the convenience of mechanical tuning lugs. This goat skinned djembe delivers deep bass tones with crackling highs. For the Professional.

$969 (1 left) NOW $769

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LP Apsire Djembe A630

12 1/2" x 25" Siam Oak shell with traditional style chrome hardware. Offers mechanical tuning lugs, this will lengthen head life and makes things easier then rope tuned instruments.



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This is just some of the percussion stock available in our store.


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