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Welcome to Music Park, Perth, Western Australia
Our PA shop stocks Mixers, Power Amplifiers, Speakers, Microphones and accessories from the world's major manufacturers, including Yamaha, Yorkville, Peavey, Behringer, Allen & Heath, Dynacord, Digitech, dB, Turbo Sound, Peak Audio, Samson, Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, JBL
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NOTE: Many web sites are put up by small stores that list many products that they do not have in stock. We are different, in that that the vast bulk of all the products on our site are always in stock to try out, and in fact there are many products that we carry that we do not yet have on our site. This is especially true of our PA department, and in this case, our sub woofers. The products listed below are in stock (unless suppliers are unable to supply)



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18" bass-reflex subwoofer, super compact with top pole mount for satellite speaker mounting

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The MRX528S
is a portable, dual eighteen-inch, subwoofer speaker system. with vertical orientation for
stacking full-range systems

$2199 rp Call for our current special prices


The JRX118S is driven by a massive JBL 18" woofer with a cast frame and 3" voice-coil. It's rated at 350 watts (continuous) and 1400 watts (peak) - and that's based on JBL Professional's 100 hour torture test.

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Dynacord Little Max LM10-1

The LM 10-1 10” sub woofer’s low-frequency response and unparalleled dynamic range is truly amazing. So far, nobody would have anticipated these features from a system of such compact dimensions.When used together, the LM 8-2 and the LM 10-1 are simply operated parallel, without additional electronics.

Peavey SP™ 118

The SP™ 118 subwoofer is designed to work perfectly with the Peavey SP 2 or SP 5 enclosures. The SP 118 uses a custom designed large excursion 18 inch Pro Rider® Black Widow® woofer that can produce incredible deep bass with very low distortion handling up to 2400 Watts of peak power. The SP 118 also comes with a pole mount socket which allows you to easily setup a complete system using the SP 118 as the base while allowing for maximum sound dispersion of all frequencies.

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Peavey SP™ 218

The SP™ 218 subwoofer is designed for large systems and works perfectly with the Peavey SP line of enclosures. The SP 218 uses two custom designed large excursion 18" Pro Rider® Black Widow® woofers that can produce incredible deep bass with very low distortion handling up to 4800 Watts of peak power. If your looking for amazing lows and thunderous bottom end to accompany your SP enclosures, this dual 18 inch 4 Ohm cabinet will deliver the goods sonically. The solid cabinetry construction of birch ply is carpet-covered and has an extra heavy-duty grille for ruggedness.

$1999 rp Call for our current special price

Yamaha R118W Sub

500W (PGM), 1000 W.(MAX), 8 ohms, 35 Hz ~ 3 kHz, 97 dB SPL , <Single SubWoofer 18">

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dB SUB 12 Subwoofer

Active, compact, 19kg/42lbs, 400W/RMS, 127dB. With this, we have probably already mentioned the most important features of this compact, hi-tech band pass subwoofer made of 20 mm poplar multiplex. more....

$1199 rp Call for our current special price

dB SUB15 Subwoofer
The new SUB 15 sets a new standard in ultra compact active subwoofers.
15" Active-subwoofer, MT-Amp 800 W/RMS,
40 – 120 Hz (±3 dB), Max. SPL 133dB more...

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For those who prefer the simplicity of a self-powered subwoofer, there's the JRX118SP. JBL started with the same woofer used in the non-powered JRX118S and added a specially designed amplifier with 500 watts (peak) and 300 watts (continuous) power output.

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EONSUB G2 The EONSUB G2 from JBL Professional is a perfect companion for either the EON10 G2 or EON15 G2 powered speaker.The EONSUB G2 offers powerful low frequencies in a compact, durable enclosure and a new low price.
When you combine the EONSUB G2 with other EON G2 speakers, such as the EON10 G2, you have a full range sound system whose clarity, volume and low end are truly amazing, considering their small size. Because the power amp and crossover are internal to all EON speakers, set up time and outboard equipment are minimized. Just plug in and play.

$1299 rp
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18" Self-Powered Subwoofer System

Compact and powerful, the PRX518S offers the performance of an 18" subwoofer in a package not much larger than a typical 15" sub.

$3899 rp Call in and ask for our current special prices

Yamaha MSR800W

MSR800W - 800-watt Powered Subwoofer is an Ideal Match for the MSR400 … Or Any Other System
In keeping with the MSR "brawn and beauty" design philosophy: sophisticated design and powerful sound.
Powerful sub-bass at up to 800 watts from a 15-inch woofer and bass reflex enclosure.
Thru and bypass outputs for flexible system integration.
Variable 80 to 100 Hz high-pass filter.
Peak LED provides a visual indication of input overload

$1795 rp Call in and ask for our current special prices

Wharfedale Pro EVP-15PSB Sub

The Wharfedale Professional EVP-P series loudspeaker systems are the latest evolution of our highly successful EVP-S family. The new EVP-P powered loudspeakers incorporate a 200w(RMS)/320w(Peak) power amplifier* as well as a built-in two channel mixer with microphone inputs. Featuring extreme protection at both the HF Driver and amplifier stage, the EVP-P Series can be played at maximum levels over long periods without fear of system failure. More....

Wharfedale Pro EVP-15PSB $869 rrp

*Sub Specs 300w(RMS)/450w(Peak)

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Inputs: L/mono - R (XLR connectors)
Outputs: L - R (XLR connectors)
Controls: Main Volume - Stereo/Mono switch - Ground Switch
Speakers: 12” woofer
Amp power: 250W RMS / 350W IHF
Frequency response: 45Hz-160Hz
Max SPL @ 1m.: 123dB

$899 RRP Call for our current special prices