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Anyone who's been to our PA Dept knows we have the best range in Perth. You also know we do the best deals, whether you're chasing a microphone or a concert system!

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Turbo Sound
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Welcome to Music Park, Perth, Western Australia
Our PA shop stocks Mixers, Power Amplifiers, Speakers, Microphones and accessories from the world's major manufacturers, including Yamaha, Yorkville, Peavey, Behringer, Allen & Heath, Dynacord, Digitech, Turbo Sound, Peak Audio, Samson, Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, JBL
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Crown XLS Series

Crown Audio XLS Series, a cost-effective line of amplifiers engineered with hard-working mobile DJs and musicians in mind.

Reliable design incorporates many popular features
Housed in a rugged, all-steel 2U chassis (3U in the XLS 5000)
Efficient forced-air fans prevent excessive thermal buildup
Electronically balanced XLR inputs; touchproof binding post and Speakon® outputs
Precision detented level controls, power switch, power LED, and six LEDs which indicate signal, clip and fault for each channel.
Three-Year, No-Fault, Fully Transferable Warranty completely protects your investment and guarantees its specifications

Power ratings (per channel) on the Crown XLS Series amplifiers are as follows:
XLS 202;   300W / 4 Ohms; 200W / 8 Ohms;
XLS 402:   450W / 4 Ohms; 300W / 8 Ohms;
XLS 602:   600W / 4 Ohms; 380W / 8 Ohms;
XLS 802:   800W / 4 Ohms; 500W / 8 Ohms;
XLS 5000: 1800W / 4 Ohms; 1100W / 8 Ohms;

XLS 202: $899 rp
XLS 402: $999 rp
XLS 602: $1399 rp
XLS 802 $1599 rp
XLS5000 $2999 rp

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Crown XS Series

The XS Series of power amplifiers from Crown® represents a new era in affordable, quality switch-mode power amplification. The line consists of four models in a uniform, rugged 2U chassis, incorporating the best of tried-and-true design principles and innovative features. The three 2-channel models in the series are the Xs500, Xs700,and Xs900. They are identical except for output power. The Xs4300 is a 4-channel model. Xs Series amplifiers are professional stereo power amplifiers engineered to meet demanding audio requirements —reliably and within budget.

Xs500 $1499 rp
Xs700 $1999 rp
Xs900 $2499 rp
Xs1200 $2999 rp

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Crown XTi Series

The XTi Series of Crown amplifiers are professional tools designed and built for portable PA applications. The series includes three models which are identical except for output power: XTi 1000, 2000 and 4000. All are rugged and lightweight, and offer unmatched value in their class.

XTi1000;   700W / 2 Ohms: 500W / 4 Ohms; 275W / 8 Ohms;
XTi2000;   1000W / 2 Ohms: 800W / 4 Ohms; 475W / 8 Ohms;
XTi4000;   1600W / 2 Ohms: 1200W / 4 Ohms; 650W / 8 Ohms;

XTi1000 $1649 rp
XTi2000 $2299 rp
XTi4000 $3199 rp
XTi6000 $6049 rp

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Yamaha P Series Amplifiers
P2500S, P3500S, P5000S, P7000S

Yamaha's audio engineers have designed the new P-Series Power Amplifiers as perfect mates to the popular Club Series loudspeakers. To achieve this, they provided them with big power output that matches the power handling capabilities of the Club Series Speakers, and equipped them with YS Processing (Yamaha Speaker Processing) to deliver a signal that is tuned to the needs of these loudspeakers.

P2500S (390w x 2) $999.99 rp Call for our introductory price
P3500S (590w x 2) $1299.99 rp Call for our introductory price
P5000SJ (750w x 2) $1599.99rp Call for our introductory price
P7000S (1100w x 2) $1999.99 rp Call for our introductory price


Peavey PV® 900

The new PV Series power amps retain their two-channel design, high power points and exclusive Peavey features and technologies—such as DDT™ compression and Turbo-V™ Cooling. The PV® 900 delivers 300 Watts per side into 4 Ohms, 180 Watts into 8 Ohms and features detented input gain controls. It's a real workhorse

$899 rp
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Peavey PV® 1500

All the features and proven reliability. The PV® 1500 features DDT™ distortion detection technique virtually eliminating distortion. It also features Peavey's patented Turbo-V™ cooling design, which cools the power transistors more evenly than traditional heat-sink designs.

$1199 rp
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Peavey PV® 2600

Massive power in a small package. The PV® 2600 has XLR, 1/4 inch and barrier strip inputs with Peavey's famous DDT™ compression system, binding post and Speakon® output connectors.

$1499 rp
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