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World's best brands including Korg, Yamaha, Novation, Roland & more...

Here you will find our range of stage pianos (can also be used at home)

Stand-alone multitrack recorders - produce your complete album in one unit!

Audio interfaces that allow you to connect mics and instruments to your Mac or PC.


Ready to record your voice, acoustic guitar, drums or other sounds in nature? These microphones will help.

Improve the sound quality of your recording or an instrument with quality processing gear!

Hear your musical creations in detail - our range of studio monitor speakers will help you to hear "that" sound.

Expand your musical horizon using computer software for recording and music production.

If you want to learn to play, compose or just have fun with music - check out our range of educational software.


Interface your PC with a keyboard, drum machine, lighting desk or any other gear with a MIDI connector.

Control your software or other MIDI eqipment using keyboards and other controllers.

Ahh... Musical Instrument Digital Interface - What's it all about...?

Phones for the head... :-)
Also called "Earphones"

Improve the sound of your control room or the recording area with these panels


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Second hand, clearance and shop-soiled ex demo gear...

AKG ToolsPack - RRP $1149
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