Welcome to the Guitar Dept
Updated 10th October 2006


We have a full range of accessories for your guitar - strings, tuners, metronomes, capos, slides - the works.
Hanging above our counter is some of the range of PRS guitars that we carry - we have the best range of colours and models in town.


We have guitars and basses from some of the world's most prestigious manufacturers, including PRS, ESP, LTD, Warwick, Godin, Seagull, Takamine, Yamaha,
Amplifiers from Mesa Boogie, Eden, Aguilar, Warwick, Hartke, Hughes & Kettner, Marshall, and more. We also have packages featuring guitars and ampliers from
beginners packs to a package that suits YOUR requirements.


And if your guitar needs a minor or major service, string change, or new pick-ups, Tully (left) is the man.
The man who is our bass guru is pictured on the right - he is Sandy Jones, who will make sure that YOUR new bass will play and sound
better than when it left the factory.

Just SOME of our PRS guitars.


We have a huge range of guitar and bass amplifiers. This is is just some of our Mesa Boogie (left) and Hughes & Kettner (right) range.
Since we obtained Mesa Boogie some years ago, we have made a lot of guitarists very happy.


Lee Jammal is our Mesa Boogie Guru. He is obsessed with the product and has been a Mesa owner for years. NOBODY knows Mesa like Lee does.
And girls, if you feel a little intimidated by being attended to by male staff in music shops, Karina Cass is the lady to look after your interests
Karina Plays with Blaze (myspace.com/blazewa), and uses PRS Guitars, Gibson Les Paul, Tom Anderson, TC Electronics and Mesa Boogie Roadster Amp.


We have acoustic amps in our acoustic guitar area, and a floor full of amps in the main store.


We have had an enormous interest in our extensive acoustic guitar range, which now includes the wonderful Cole Clark range of guitars,
many crafted from exotic Australian Native Timbers. We have an area dedicated totally to Acoustic Guitars and Acoustic Amplifiers.

However, most of the noise in the shop eminates from a small 12 X 8 room, which is our


In here, you can plug YOUR guitar, or one of our stock models into any one of a number of amps
and look for that elusive sound. Having found it, we are only too happy to help you load YOUR new amp
and/or guitar into your car.


Call in and see us soon