Yes it's true !!!
Australia has a new guitar maker!

ANMI (Australian Native Musical Instruments) is born. Mission statement - '' to export
Australian made & grown guitars to the world, while providing the strongest of domestic competition
& to import replace. These instruments will be high tech & yet will feel like tradition has returned"

Branded as ''COLE CLARK" for reasons that will become obvious, the first chapter (fine electric
guitars) is being written as we speak.

It has been recognized for some time, given the lowly Australian Dollar, that more manufacturing in
Australia makes sense, since there is currently only one domestic maker of size, who is therefore
without competition.

One major purpose of ANMI is to prove that CAD (Computer Aided Design) coupled with CAM
(Computer aided manufacture), if approached intelligently, will produce a more simplistic &
advantageous production process: in short, to use these processes to make substantially better
sounding instruments with more efficient production systems.

Australia is a treasure-trove of suitable luthier or guitar making timbers: The acacias,
Flindersias & 'Bunya', or Auracaria bidwilli, are examples of great timbers for instrument making.
The name 'Australian Native Musical Instruments', reflects the dedication to this cause. This does
not mean ANMI will not produce instruments from traditional & exotic timbers, it is simply that
we love Australia & wish to value add its timbers.

ANMI / Cole Clark Guitars is…..

Brad Clark - A sleepless fanatic & worthy CEO of this new enterprise. Creatively stifled in his days
at Maton, the man responsible for their resurrection, now heads up this innovative collective.
Creator of the 'Mistress', the Ben Harper 'Violap' and the brainchild of the soon to be released,
new generation acoustic guitars, including an innovative pick-up and pre-amp system.

Adam Cole: Adam takes charge of instigating & overseeing the transformation and transition of
premium timbers & components into loved & played electric guitars. Adam is a working
musician, experienced in CAD, CAM, guitar design and manufacture.

Paul Dutton - A man with more than considerable expertise in CAD & CAM, the purveyor of the
sophisticated software that makes the mission of ANMI all so very possible. Were it not for the
long-standing frienship of Paul & Brad, we may not have this story to tell.

Bill Pizzey - Applications engineer/computer programmer. The link between Paul & Brad. Need
we say more.

Phil Moyes - Gun designer & CNC guru.The only person I've ever seen who can focus on a computer
screen for more than 4 hours without turning his head. Watch out for the up-coming Moyes Bass.

….and numerous others from painting & set up experts, to sales & marketing professionals. Much
is in store for the supporters & players of Cole Clark instruments.