Ever wonder why there are so many different forms of FX pedals, multi or rack devices on the market?

Is making a decision hard, or are you wondering which is the right application for your needs?

There are 3 main applications

1.      Single pedal forms (single effect modules with individual pots to control overall parameters.)



Easy to set up (just patch together with patch leads).

Easy to adjust parameters in quick time, with a turn of a knob, 

Easy to isolate problems, one by one. Every thing is laid out in front of you.


Can prove expensive when buying more than one effect.

Gets noisy when multiple pedals are connected.

Sound quality not the best.

Powering more than one pedal can be a problem.


2.      Multi-effects (more than one effect in one neat little box, with or with out rocker pedal)



Variety of different effects including tuner.

Easy to power up.

Good training in effect types.

Store multiple sounds in a programmed format.

Fast and easy to connect up;

Versatile, easy to carry.

Digital sound.

Heaps cheaper than single pedals, value for money

Less noise.


Sound quality( some times tone is squashed due to heavily effected parameters and digital converters (analogue signal is turned into digital signal and then turned back into analogue. These are called D/A converters.)

Not easy to adjust parameters in quick time.

Time in programming required

When using live, sounds must be programmed at playing volume.


3.      Rack units are also multi effect devices. These are usually found in high end applications.



The best sound quality.

The best flexibility midi compatible ( when switching with other midi devices)


Very expensive due to technology used.

Requires time for programming.

Must be programmed at playing levels.

Requires time for set-up with other devices.

Hard to edit in quick time.