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Music Park Details

Address: 341 Albany Hwy
Victoria Park, WA
Phone: 08 9470 1020
Toll Free: 1800 633 143
Fax: 08 9470 1708

Business Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9am - 5.30pm
Sat: 9am - 4pm

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We accept
Cash, Cheque, Visa, Mastercard, EftPOS, Layby, Finance can be arranged TAP.


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foxL - The World's Best sounding pocket-sized stereo speaker!
There are three foxL speakers available:

* foxL v2 Purist
* foxL v2 Bluetooth (2.2)
* foxL v2 Bluetooth Platinum



WHAT - No Shopping Cart?

So what, our system is better than that.

It appears that because we don't have a shopping cart on line system, that we don't give you the option of internet shopping. But we do, and with a difference. We actually INTERACT with you the purchaser, and your credit details are safe. Just email us with your desired purchase or query, even if it is not listed here - eg strings, accessories - (we offer bulk discounts) and we will get right back to you and deal with you IN PERSON. We can answer any queries you have about the product before you purchase, and when you do, your credit card details will never hit the internet - what could be safer, or more convenient? We have satisfied many customers from all over Australia, who have already found us on the net, and chosen to deal with us in this manner.

It is impossible to tell from a website whether a company carries all the stock it advertises. Many companies are little more than mail order stores. We are different, in that practically everything advertised on our site IS IN STOCK, and available to touch, see and hear. And because the maintenance on our site is ongoing, there is a vast quantity of stock which has not been listed as yet. This site is updated on a daily basis, and new product is being added all the time. And because almost all of the products we advertise is in stock at all times, our expert staff are able to answer any query you may have on ANY item you find on this website. It also means we can despatch most items immediately upon receipt of your order.


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Music Park, Drum Dept & Park Pianos together form Perth's Original Music Superstore. We carry a huge range of great products and are renowned for our low prices and excellent service. This web site holds a small portion of our extensive music range letting you dip your taste buds into our departments and view some of our quality products from leading manufacturer

SECONDHAND IMPORTED JAPANESE PIANOS........ Before you jump in and make that purchase, find out why Yamaha don't support the purchase of secondhand pianos imported from overseas.

For anything lighting, from duo to disco to concert

MIDI & BACKING TRACKS.......... So you have a keyboard, a computer, and you want to know about MIDI and how it works, or where you can get midifiles from, or what software you can use when creating your own music - in fact ANYTHING about MIDI and it's applications. This is the place to go..........

Hi-TECH SUPPORT and REPAIRS TO GEAR......... Sometimes you need that immediate response to a problem you are having with whatever bit of gear or software you are using. The answer COULD be here. A page of references and FAQ's. Check it out. Also a list of REPAIRERS you should contact if that bit of gear has just stopped working. Need a manual for your new s/hand bit of gear - check out our MANUALS reference.

All prices and information displayed in this web site are based on the price/description of that item at the time of uploading. Music Park reserve the right to alter eroneous information and will not be held liable due to prices changing.